TAMI 1. clean label cream yougurt


Product Description:

TAMI 1. cisto prirodny smotanový jogurt. Our specialists made a yogurt in a high quality without any thickeners, no additives, artificial colors and high amount of sugar. This is that kind of yogurt, which is simple but very tasty. It is yogurt when eating, you do not need to worry about reading ingredients. We selected the best flavors for you: strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, and apricot. With love to nature, we use fully recycled material for packaging to add protection of our planet.

Key Facts:

  • no additives no thickener only natural colors less sugar

Product Info List:

  • Weight: 150
  • Packaging: 20pc/2000pc
  • Expiration: 30 days
  • HS code: 4031099

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