Milk thistle seed oil 250ml


Product Description:

Strengthens liver function, helps in removing chemical remains harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol in the body. Use: suitable during detoxification cures of the organism, to support the removal of deposits in the long term drug use. It is also excellent with salads, yoghurts, kefir. The following treatments are recommended: daily 1 small wet spoon (up to 80kg body weight) over 80 already 2 wet tablespoons. The recommended dosage may take 3 weeks, then it is recommended to take a 2-week break, and then continued use.

Key Facts:

  • raw- cold pressed
  • extra virgin
  • gluten-lactose-egg-soy-gmo-free
  • no sugar and preservatives added

Product Info List:

  • Weight: 250ml
  • Packaging: 6bttls/cart
  • Expiration: 1year
  • HS code: 15151990

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