Product Description:

Powdered milk is a dairy by-product produced by drying pasteurized milk while maintaining a certain proportion of milk fat. This milk powder is produced in two variants, as skimmed milk powder with a fat content of max. 1.5% and whole milk powder, with a fat content of min. 26%. To the store is distributed in 25 kilos bags, with a shelf life of 365 days. Whey powder is, like milk powder, a by-product of dairy production. Its fat content is max. 1.5%. To the stores are distributed in 25 kilos bags with a durability of 273 days. Like all dairy products, this is an important source of protein for our body.

Key Facts:

  • gluten free

Product Info List:

  • Weight: 25 kg, 25 KG
  • Packaging: bag, bag
  • Expiration: 365 days, 273 days
  • HS code: 04041004

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