Product Description:

NIVA ORIGINAL - Slovak roquefort - is a delicious ripening cheese with strong blue mold Penicilium roqueforti, which has a typical marble structure of blue molds on a creamy white surface. It´s classic production is still handmade throughout the entire process, from the filling of the curd to the tubs, molding, salting, maturing and packaging, which makes each cheese loaf unique and under constant control. They only mature in a special store on wooden troughs which takes at least 3 to 5 weeks, when the strong mold grows in the cheese. However, the maturation period of the cheese may last up to 6 months, during which the cheese becomes softer, obtaining a more spreadable consistency and a more spicy taste, especially sought out by gourmet. NIVA ORIGINAL GOLD is a rippening blue mold cheese characterized by a typical marble structure of blue molds on a creamy white surface. As NIVA ORIGINAL, it´s production is hand-made, what making each cheese loaf unique and under constant control. It´s different from the NIVA ORIGINAL is only in it´s higher fat content and longer ripening time, thanks to which the NIVA ORIGINAL GOLD cheese has an unmistakable, slightly buttery, slightly spicy taste with a spicy tip. All blue cheese of our company such as NIVA ORIGINAL and NIVA ORIGINAL GOLD are under the trademark NIVA ORIGINAL. They are made according to a traditional, almost seventy-year recipe from Hlohovec, exclusively from Slovak milk, mainly from farmers from the Tekov region. Thanks to all these parameters, NIVA ORIGINAL cheese has an unmistakable delicious, salty, spicy taste that is suitable for use in both cold and warm recipes.

Key Facts:

  • dairy product
  • gluten free
  • nonsuitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • clasical way of production
  • hand made product
  • traditional recipes

Product Info List:

  • Weight: cca 2,2 kg, cca 125 g, cca 1,1 kg, cca 125 g
  • Packaging: 3 pcs/carton, 32 pieces/carton, 3 pcs/carton, 16 pieces/carton
  • Expiration: 40 days
  • HS code: 0406 40 90

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