LYRA Chocolate Bar

LYRA Chocolate Bar LYRA Chocolate Bar LYRA Chocolate Bar LYRA Chocolate Bar


Product Description:

More than 9 origin chocolate bars. Each chocolate bar has a specific taste of the region the cocoa trees grows. In some of the bars you can feel the taste of nuts, exotic fruits, raisins... made from selected cacao beans Fino de Aroma located in Colombian plantations, Mexico, Cuba... The taste reflects a combination of criollo nad trinitario cocoa beans, which we pick off the trees, roast them, and produce cocoa mass. Our chocolate has characteristic and delicate taste, as well as strong aroma, owing to sweetening with cane sugar and 100% cacao butter. When sampling it, you feel like in exotic countries.

Key Facts:

  • Fino de aroma cocoa beans
  • Origin of the Origin
  • Gluten free
  • Palm oil free

Product Info List:

  • Weight: 90 g
  • Packaging: cartoon
  • Expiration: 12 - 18 months
  • HS code: 18690

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