• SlovChips s.r.o. was established in 2008, when it took over the traditional production of potato chips in the Spiš region of Slovakia, which started in 1987.
  • SlovChips has, since its establishment, been expanding the product range with new brands and flavours, but at the same time keeping the production of the well-known and traditional product range – Spiš potato chips, package of which has undergone only minor design changes in 30 years of market presence.
  • In the production of our potato chips we make sure that the used ingredients are of the best quality, to guarantee the premium taste of our chips.
  • Production of the potato chips without pre-cooking potatoes allows our chips to keep their rich taste, but also not lose the nutrients and vitamins.
  • The quality is continuously confirmed by regularly conducted laboratory tests in a certified laboratory.
  • For the premium quality, our potato chips have gained international recognition in a few countries, where they have been exported as private labels.
  • Our recent focus has been the production of potato chips completely without preservatives and chemical additives. The production procedure remained the same – high quality ingredients and no pre-cooking of potatoes, but we took all preservatives and chemical additives away. The new product line, Nature product potato chips, comes in three flavours – salted, flavour of boletus, and flavour of cheese.

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To expand our quality to foreign markets


  • Billa Slovakia
  • Tesco Slovakia
  • COOP Slovakia
  • Terno Slovakia
  • CBA Slovakia
  • Private label in Russia


Lukáš Motičák

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