Pinot Blanc, Ice wine


Product Description:

The origin of Pinot Blanc is in France. In our vineyards, the quality and non-pricing of ourselves are required to be sustained by centuries of development and selection. 2018 gave us a healthy and rich harvest to participate in this conference. Grapes for wine production come from the Central Slovakia wine-growing area from the wine-growing village Čebovce.The wine is a beautiful green-yellow color with a distinctly botritic-fruity aroma. The taste is harmonious, with an extractive aftertaste after dried grapes.It is recommended to serve with goose or duck liver.Serving temperature 7–8°C.

Key Facts:

  • rulandske biele
  • tasty
  • wine
  • icewine
  • luxury

Product Info List:

  • Weight: 1050 g
  • Packaging: 486 l - 648 pcs/pallet
  • Expiration: 365 days
  • HS code: 2204

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