• Get acquainted with the wine from the Central Slovakia vineyard region which is known for its magical nature and beautiful, charming wines that have been grown here for many years.
  • The very first mention about wine-growing in the region where our winery is based dates back to 1135 and to the monastery in Bzovík that was associated with 14 vineyards and 23 vineyard families. Historical records show that wines from this area were delicious, and even found their way to the Hungarian royal court. In the second half of the 20th century, the region became known as the Modrý Kameň vineyard region, hence the name of the company: MOVINO.
  • The MOVINO s.r.o. company was founded in 1994. Originally, MOVINO wasn’t in the business of wine-growing; it simply owned vineyards in the vicinity of the Bušince and Záhorce villages. In 2002, the company bought the operations of Movino a.s. in Veľký Krtíš. It continued the business tradition set by its predecessors, becoming one of the most significant wine producers in Slovakia.
  • The MOVINO is the largest wine producer in the Central Slovakia vineyard region known in whole country.
  • We grow our grapes in our very own vineyards.
  • Altogether, we manage 220 ha of vineyards in a region that hasn’t been affected by any heavy industry or highway construction.
  • The entire grape production is grown as a so-called integrated production (the goal of integrated farming is to have higher quality yields and to get them in a way that wouldn’t put a strain on the environment).


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Ing. Zuzana Jardeková

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