Tramín červený, Gewürtztraminer


Product Description:

This is one of the oldest and highest-quality varieties. According to some sources, Gewürtztraminer spread from what is today known as Italy – more precisely from southern Tyrol. We consider it to be the king of Slovak variety wines. The grapes from which this wine was made came from Central Slovakia vineyard area from the Čebovce.This wine is lightly yellow in colour. The intense smell is dominated by tones of tea roses, and accompanied by a scent of violets, cinnamon, and honey. The taste is full, extractive, strongly spicy, and just unmistakable.We recommend serving this wine with roasted fish, sautéed poultry, or mild smoked meats.Serving temperature: 9–10°C.

Key Facts:

  • wine
  • taste

Product Info List:

  • Weight: 1300 g
  • Packaging: 283,5 l - 378 pcs/pallet
  • Expiration: 365 days
  • HS code: 2204

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